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MondialMoto is now offering 4-Year 20% Mini-Bonds to raise finance for production of the new V5 superbikes. These Mini-Bonds are 'Limited Edition' with only 2,000 units allocated and there are additional incentives for multiple units.

These Mini-Bonds will mature in July 2023 on a 4 year term. There are no limits to the number of units you can purchase unless they are sold out. Each Mini-Bond is priced at €500 and will pay 20% interest (€100 per unit) when it matures.

This Mini-Bond will only be open for investment until 31 July 2019


Mini-Bond Incentives

We offer cumulative incentives when you purchase more units:

Project Newsletters

All crowdfunders will be kept up to date with the latest project news quarterly.


All crowdfunders will receive a special price on MondialMoto merchandise.


You will receive a 20% interest payment payable at the end of the 4th year.

5+ Mini-Bonds

Personal tour of the factory including a lunch and 1 hours ride on the V5 at a racing track in Italy.

10+ Mini-Bonds

You will receive a €2,500 discount on a V5 bike purchase.

25+ Mini-Bonds

Option to purchase one of the first V5R & V5S model bikes off the production line. First come first served. (VIN numbers 2-49)


Investment Details

4-Year 20% Mini-Bond


Bond Name: MondialMoto 4-Year 20% Mini-Bond
Issuer: MondialMoto 2007 Srl Ltd
Term: 4-Year Zero Coupon
Launch Date: 31 July 2018
Close Date: 31 July 2019
Maturity: 31 July 2023


The MondialMoto 20% Mini-Bond will close on 31 July 2019. The capital is due to be repaid on 31 July 2023 with 20% interest (€100 per unit). Incentives will be issued in 2023 thereafter.

MondialMoto have secured €2.5m in investment for production and these additional funds raised will be used to bolster the setup costs for the testing of prototypes and the production of the MondialMoto V5R and V5S Superbike.


How To Apply

Help us achieve our goal


You can purchase up to ten Mini-Bonds online or please register below for larger purchases.

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For larger purchases of MondialMoto Mini-Bonds, please register with us first. You will then be sent our bank details to make a bank transfer payment to our holding account.


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